CVNLM 4 Social Media can be time-consuming and confusing, so what is the best way to make effective use of your limited resources? Have a plan!

Join me on Wednesday March 31st in San Rafael, CA for my workshop Social Media 201 from 9am to noon. 

This workshop is presented in two parts – a theoretical and best practices piece followed by an interactive session where you will learn to build and implement your organization's social media plan.

PART 1: What Works? 
Learn how nonprofits are diving deeper into social media with specific examples of successful uses of social media tools. What combinations of strategy and tools produce results? Includes a review of several successful social media/person-to-person fundraising campaigns, including their results and lessons learned.

 Takeaways include:
• Six Strategic Goals for Implementing Social Media 
• Real World Approaches and their Results 
• Specific Examples from Nonprofits

PART 2: Creating and Implementing A Social Media Plan
Building on the examples from morning we will look into what is required to make these campaigns and strategies work. We will explore an example of an organizations social media plan that includes priorities, schedules and staffing. How do you decide what your priorities should be and where to spend your time effectively? Participants will be encouraged to discuss their ideas so they can benefit from feedback and suggestions. The last third of the session will be set aside for starting work on your own plan, so bring your questions and ideas.

Takeaways include:
• Elements of a Social Media Plan 
• Social Media plan example 
• Suggestions on your ideas/plans

This workshop is most appropriate for those with a basic understanding of social media who are ready to take those activities to the next level.

For more information and registration CLICK HERE.

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