If Racial Equity is Our North Star, How Can We Navigate Racial Bias in AI/LLMs?

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For nonprofits and grantmaking organizations committed to racial equity, using artificial intelligence (AI) and large language models (LLMs) raises important concerns. These powerful technologies have inherent racial biases baked into them. However, they also offer intriguing potential benefits. How can we navigate this tension of racial bias in AI/LLMs? The Bias Issue AI systems like… Read more »

Nonprofits Navigating ChatGPT Quirks: Understanding the Mistakes it Can Make

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Is your nonprofit harnessing the power of AI like ChatGPT in your daily operations? Well, buckle up, because today we’re diving into a topic that’s as quirky as it is important: the mistakes ChatGPT can make. Did you know that if properly prompted, ChatGPT will claim that the word “mayonnaise” contains more than two letter… Read more »

Five Initial Steps on the Nonprofit AI Journey

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Graphic of four female faces divided into four parts showing different racial identities

Trying new technology can feel like exploring a new place. Nonprofits are at a crossroads with artificial intelligence (AI). AI seems exciting but it is also risky. Nonprofits need to think carefully as they move forward. AI is not just about new tools for nonprofits. It changes how they can think about operations and processes…. Read more »

A Practical AI Path for Nonprofits

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Two paths and bike handles

In my work helping philanthropic and nonprofit organizations consider how to integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools into their work, a pathway for good outcomes is emerging.   It starts with Foundational Elements (for some this means dusting these off): – Strategic Plan that includes Technology – even better if there is a detailed Technology Plan… Read more »

The Next Wave of Technology for Nonprofits

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Marnie Webb, CEO at Caravan Studios, recently asked nonprofit tech folks via Twitter “I’m giving a talk on the next wave of technology for NGOs. What groups of technology would you include? And why?”. I think Marnie was asking about tools or technologies, like Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning. Thinking beyond the tools, the question… Read more »