Nonprofits Navigating ChatGPT Quirks: Understanding the Mistakes it Can Make

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Is your nonprofit harnessing the power of AI like ChatGPT in your daily operations? Well, buckle up, because today we’re diving into a topic that’s as quirky as it is important: the mistakes ChatGPT can make. Did you know that if properly prompted, ChatGPT will claim that the word “mayonnaise” contains more than two letter… Read more »

The Next Wave of Technology for Nonprofits

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Marnie Webb, CEO at Caravan Studios, recently asked nonprofit tech folks via Twitter “I’m giving a talk on the next wave of technology for NGOs. What groups of technology would you include? And why?”. I think Marnie was asking about tools or technologies, like Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning. Thinking beyond the tools, the question… Read more »

Static Site Generators – Technical Requirements, Options & Migration

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Website management tools like WordPress leave your nonprofit’s website vulnerable to attack, hacking or being held hostage. A new type of website management tool known as Static Site Generators makes websites less vulnerable. In this article, we go into the technical how-to’s for the technically inclined. This is part two of a series. In part… Read more »

Digital Crisis Counseling – Technology Meets the Hotline

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Nonprofits provide digital crisis counseling services using online chat or text via a computer or mobile device. These services augment the traditional telephone counseling hotline services provided by organizations that support survivors of domestic or intimate partner violence, sexual assault, human trafficking and many other issues. While phone hotlines have been in use for decades,… Read more »